23 April 2015

Paradise, Sandringham

My friend suggested this Indian restaurant which all her Indian friends love, so I decided to give it a go. Paradise started as a takeaway shop but was extended to have a restaurant area next door due to its popularity.

When I entered there was this weird and unpleasant smell - a mixture of curry and a cleaning product fragrance. Thankfully my friend got us an outside seat.

We ordered a mixed platter to share ($18) which came on a sizzling plate. Chicken was okay but the rest was unrecognizable with cabbages burning at the bottom. One sausage-like meat was too herby for me so I couldn't finish it. I chose Butter chicken ($14), a safe choice, but it was quite creamy compared to other Butter chicken I've tried elsewhere. My friend made a bolder move by ordering a Chicken dum biryani ($12), a fried rice with meats. Maybe I'm not familiar with Indian cuisine but it tasted strange. Chicken was stuffy and dry and rice wasn't seasoned enough to be a special dish. However the place was packed with people lining up so maybe it is just me.

Service and how fast the food came out.

 Smell and atmosphere wasn't enjoyable.

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