5 March 2015

The Cube restaurant & bar : Zomato event

It was delightful to be invited to the Zomato event to meet other foodies and talk about the latest restaurants. We were at The Cube Restaurant and Bar who do a mix of Chinese and Indonesian. Honestly the interior and atmosphere weren't top notch and I was a touch scared of what I would eat. 

We were served with fried chicken, spring rolls, fried money bags and chips as I think the main wasn't ready. They were crispy and delicious and I tried hard to save my stomach for what was to come next.

A gorgeous big dish came to us which was called Nasi Tumpeng, a food only being served on special occasions in Indonesia – this reminded me of a dish that I had in Bali. Satay chicken was tender and tasted perfect with a peanut satay sauce. I don't usually eat prawn skins but these skewers were hard to resist. They were crispy, seasoned right and enjoyable. Beef rendang and boiled egg with chilli paste tasted average for me. However one of the vegetarian dishes, the tofu and mushroom hotpot, was superb. I couldn't stop pouring it in my bowl. The combination of oyster/soy sauce and soft tofu and mushroom were perfect. The other vegetarian dish which had cabbage was rather bland.

A coconut pudding appeared on our table in a fish shape which was a "wow". Though I don't enjoy coconut, this was delicious – sweet and soft.

After our meal, we were offered a play on the dart machine. What an exciting way to end a dinner! Everyone was so eager to throw at the bullseye.

 Some dishes were enjoyable especially with a game of darts. The decor lacked style and modernism, but food was great and I had a great time.

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