24 February 2015

Easyway, Albany

Easyway was our old time favourite. We used to come here often to drink milk teas and do chit chats. After two hours of badminton we were desperate to get icy drinks, so we instantly thought of Easy Way and headed that way. 

The waitress was quite grumpy from the start. It was almost like she had a bad breakup. We tried not to let that to ruin our meal and ordered drinks and food.

Yaleto (sherbet-like drinks) and milk teas came out instantly which we appreciated. My Honeydew Yaleto ($5) was so delicious it quickly disappeared. We ordered various meals to share: Young Chow fried rice ($12.9) was little bland with hardly any pork and shrimp in it. Kong Pao chicken on rice ($12.5) was meant to be hot as it had the two chilli icon on the menu but was actually not. Nothing jumped out here. Pork fried noodle ($12.9) was simply tasteless, which felt like chewing soft rubber. Beef w black pepper on rice ($12.9) and Salt pepper chicken ($6.5) was the best out of all the dishes, but which Chinese doesn't do them well? We also ordered Cucumber in chilli sauce ($6.5) which my friend thought was too salty but complemented well with some of the bland dishes.

Yes, I know this isn't a proper restaurant and I shouldn't expect too much. I guess I should just stick to ordering drinks from here. Ah, and coffee frappe ($5.8) was awful too. Weird flavour!

 I am craving for another Yaleto drink.
Most of the food and the service.

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