29 December 2014

Stafford Road Wine Bar, Birkenhead (revisit)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Stafford Rd wine bar full at 6.30pm. This place must be a favourite place for locals. Fortunately I was able to find a seat at the little corner which was the last table. I tried waving at a waitress to order a glass of wine and when she didn’t see me, a waiter on the bar kindly came out and served me which was very nice. 

I was too hungry to wait for my late companion, so I ordered the beer-battered fish buns ($12) first. It wasn’t exactly what I had imagined as I have such high expectations for Stafford Rd Wine Bar – the food was always fabulous and out of square accompanied by flawless service. However this bun was more like a pub dish. Bun was cold and everything was just average. With a little disappointment, we ordered more hoping for something delicious. Organic pork belly ($23) was so tiny that we couldn’t really share it between three of us. Quail egg and black pudding didn’t have much spark to it either. Steamed pork buns ($14) were slightly better but it almost tasted like a Peking duck. 

We didn’t give up and moved on to the dessert. Chocolate Moelleax ($14), like a chocolate fondant was quite simple with the fondant and raspberry sorbet displayed on top of cookie crumble crackles and freeze dried raspberry pieces. I have been praising this place to my friends and I was a bit shamed, especially when my previous experiences at Stafford were spectacular. We had to ask twice to be filled with water and it was hard to get attention from the waitress - what I wasn’t expecting from a good start.

 Not much this time.
 Slow service and average food.

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