29 October 2014

Oko, City

Being a person who cannot live without desserts, I was thrilled to try out the new dessert kitchen in Aotea Square.

Oko had quite a package of sweets; cabinets were full of cakes, Movenpick ice creams which you can choose for your drinks and handmade chocolates interestingly named like ‘Newmarket’. Unfortunately I was told that I was not allowed to take photos of the lovely place.

We ordered a cake called Orange Blossom ($8.5) which was just average. There wasn't any special features to this and nothing jumped out. The drinks were better – I had an ice coffee with Movenpick maple flavoured ice-cream ($8.5). Pretty unique choice, I know. My friend enjoyed his smoothie (8.5) which had raspberry and mango sherbet.

Service was good but I wasn't sure if I want to come back to Oko. There wasn't any cakes I was particularly attracted to order and their special dessert menu (like Milse) seems a bit risky given there aren't any photos from Oko or other reviewers. Maybe I will come back when I desperately need an ice drink with Movenpick ice cream…

Ice drinks with customized Movenpick ice-cream choices.
The fact that I couldn't take pictures to show here! Gutted!

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