16 September 2014

Blitza, Birkenhead

I went pass Blitza some time ago and this place was full on a weekday. So I thought, boy I gotta try this place next time. Me and my dining companion was in North Shore desperately wanting a nice pizza and pasta and I magically remembered this place.

The interior and restaurant itself is not a fancy-ass place compared to other new eateries but the place was definitely neat and cozy.

We ordered a Mexican pizza ($23.5) and a Chicken fettuccine ($25.5) which I thought were a bit expensive. We waited and waited for them to come out but no news. Finally when our cokes were fully diluted with ice, they came. I didn't understand why it was so slow as the place wasn't full that day. 

However, the frustration soon disappeared with first bite of the pasta. Fettuccine was cooked to the perfect al dente with huge strips of chicken and mushrooms in creamy neapolitan sauce. It was the most amazing pasta that I have ever tried. Pizza was slightly disappointing as it was rather a Meatlover than Mexican - ham, salami, pepperoni, bacon, chilli and tomato. I felt there was way too much meat and not enough Mexican feature to it.

The restaurant was quickly filled with people so we felt great about booking our table. I asked the waitress about another nice pasta and she said that they do an excellent cannelloni - I will soon return for this!

 Heavenly pasta.

Slow service - hopefully it was just for that night.

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  1. https://m.facebook.com/lee.schwalger?fref=ts
    Follow that link to see how the owner of blitza feels about other ethnicities.
    Regards Joe