22 August 2014

Yelp event : Meet the Makers, Kohu Road & Mt Atkinson

We got to the venue after about three u-turns in awful pouring weather. I never go to New Lynn so it was pretty hard for me to find this place (the weather didn't help at all).

Our destination was "The Tannery" where both Mt Atkinson and Kohu Road are based. It was spacious and cozy with interesting interior designs. School stools, green plants in clear glass bowls and wooden walls were unique and friendly. They have a cafe seating area as well as roastery and creamery where you can see through a glass window.

We were divided into two groups of 10ish people and our group started with Mt Atkinson. Jacob, the founder, showed us how coffee beans are roasted. We got to see and smell the process which was great. I was a bit sad that we didn't get to try their coffee; however we were given a pack each to take home which he even ground for me. Very generous. My room is now full of fresh roasted coffee smell which I am tremendously happy to come in to.

Our group moved onto Kohu Road and were introduced to how their brand started and developed. After an hour of listening though, I started to feel a bit tired. This event seemed to be quite full-on with lots of information to digest. Thankfully then, we were given three small samples to try - white choc, salted caramel and lemon. Salted caramel is their best seller and I understood why. It was heavenly with the perfect texture and flavour of caramel. I really wanted to try the cookie & cream so I've asked if I can just buy a single scoop (as it wasn't enought for me!). The owner smiled and gave me a small scoop to try which was nice. Sadly the flavour itself didn't jump up too much compared to other brands.

Overall it was an interesting experience but I didn't think it was worth my travelling time and 2 hours. Maybe I am over listening to lecture-like speeches while standing up. 

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