10 August 2014

Pho Bien, Glenfield

I was in a great need of a hot soup to recover from my hangover. We were in North Shore so I've managed to persuade everyone to go to Pho Bien for a Steam Boat (hot pot).

We ordered a medium Steamboat (55) which says it's for 2~3 people. Well, this was an overestimation as four of us couldn't finish it. We received a boiling bowl with two sides of spicy and non-spicy broth but they soon got mixed together when food was put.

We started by putting in the meat and seafood followed by vegetables (as veges get cooked faster!). Noodle went in last as you should enjoy it with the broth full of beef and seafood flavour. The waiter was happy to top up our broth as we ran out.

The great thing about the Steamboat is that you can taste a variety of food including mushrooms, prawn, fish cakes and so much more at once. You can also control how long the meat/veges are cooked as you can simply pick them up and eat it when you like it. Everything was delicious and the soup really healed me :p The ginger and lemongrass condiment wasn't my thing so I made my own by mixing chili sauces.

The variety you can taste! Hot soup with a great deep flavor was a joy.

Dish was a bit dirty which was irritating. Thankfully a friend who is less fussy swapped his with mine.

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