6 August 2014

Cafe Viet, Grey Lynn

I stepped into Cafe Viet with my dining companion who simply loves vietnamese food. He was super excited about this place and couldn't keep his eyes off the menu.

We started with Fresh rice paper rolls w prawn & braised pork (12). This was delicious and refreshing, but I felt the rice paper was a little tough to bite. Then came the Bang Bang prawns (12), deep fried with green rice. I loved how huge and crispy they were. You soon get a bit sick of the "deep fried" part though.

Our mains were Grilled lemongrass pork (22) and a Beef rice noodle soup (15). There were so many various thing on my pork plate which included pork steak, meatballs, rice vermicelli, salad and prawn crackers. This was fantastic as I am a fan of trying out different things at once! Pork was tender and salad accompanied it perfectly. The vermicelli here is too thin so that it forms like a soft blanket which was interesting. However, meatball was too salty even with the rice vermicelli. I tried a spoonful of the noodle soup but did not enjoy the strong spice/herb flavour. 

We decided to share the Viet coffee (4.5) with ice as it was an evening. Coffee was dripped into a glass which had a sweetened condensed milk. The flavour was quite different. Very new. It was almost like an liquor with not so strong coffee taste. I wasn't sure if I like it or not.

The servings were generous and all the taste seemed to be authentic Vietnamese. I would love to come back and try other dishes :)
I'll pass on the noodle!

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