10 July 2014

The Bluestone Room, City

Me and my dining companion visited The Bluestone Room on Friday night and it was totally packed. There was no room at all to even to stand, so we decided to come back. When we finally stepped into the restaurant on Monday, things were a lot different. Quiet, calm and eased. Gosh, I am starting to enjoy going to bars in the early days of the week.

Service was marvelous from the start. We were shown the different sized beer glasses when we queried and the waiters were very attentive. We ordered 'Pie'oneer of the day (18.5) and Swainson's ribs (19 for eight) which was more than enough for both of us. The chicken and mushroom pie was absolutely delicious. Tender chicken pieces were everywhere and the crispy case of the pie was to die for. There were potato mash and cheese on top which complimented what was below - not creamy at all. I simply fell in love with this pie.

I stole one of my companion's rib and soon smiled as my choice was a winner. Slow roasted pork was touch too chewy for me. It was a generous serving of eight but came in a pot which was pretty hard to eat.

 The pie is a must try. I can't wait to try other mains!
Rib was a bit disappointing.

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