1 July 2014

Olaf, Mt Eden

I've been to Olaf long time ago just for a coffee. So I wanted to revisit this place to try their food. It was pretty busy for a Sunday late afternoon. My stomach was growling, so I quickly ordered even before my friend's arrival!

Spaghetti carbonara (19.5) was interesting, but not to my likings. The spaghetti had a touch too much lemon flavour and the bacon was too sweet. I guess I was expecting a savoury flavour. However the Milanese pizza (22) was absolutely amazing. Heavy toppings of mozzarella and salami was heavenly. The waiter was happy to give us both Tabasco sauce and chilli powder to accommodate. Coffee was burnt so I've asked for another one and the second one was perfect.

After a week, I couldn't resist thinking about their pizza so I was at Olaf again. A friend and I ordered the same pizza, but something was different. It was dribbling with too much olive oil that the slices were wet as well as being salty. I actually got a bit sick afterwards. Coffee was warm and under extracted this time but I couldn't be bothered to ask for a new one again. We also shared a blueberry tart and a raspberry & mint tea which was just okay, maybe because the blueberry is not in season. Better to come back for this in summer?

 Service was fabulous. Great atmosphere too.
I think I've given up on their coffee. Pizza too...

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