16 June 2014

Onggojip, Albany

I don't usually go out to eat Korean, not because I don't like them but because I eat them all the time at home.

This day was an exception as I was feeling little sick and in need of some tasty hot Korean soup. We ordered Seolleongtang (13), a beef and rice soup, which came in a boiling bowl (Gotta be careful not to burn your tongue!). The soup is made out of beef bones and beef meat. The soup tasted great and there were generous amount of beef in it which was fantastic. Side dishes were a let down as there were only two. Quite less compared to other Korean restaurants. The two kinds of kimchi weren't tasty - I think they weren't ripened enough nor seasoned right. But maybe I am being too picky being Korean.

The place is quite casual but the service was wonderful.

 Soup is a must have in a cold weather like nowadays.

They need to improve on their Kimchi!

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