23 June 2014

New Zealand Boutique Wine Festival

I was grateful to receive two tickets for this event from Yelp and couldn't wait for it. Two words that I like - boutique and wine - were the title of this event.

The festival was held at Imperial Building in Downtown and we were greeted with a friendly staff who explained how to purchase tokens for wine tastings. There were a lot of vendors which meant that we could try out various wines.

After about three tastings, we were in need of food. We went upstairs to find food stalls but nothing was there! I asked a bar staff and what he said was devastating. There were only two options, a cheese board (20) or a cracker board (25) as all chefs were busy doing VIP lunch upstairs. Well, thanks for making us feel non-VIPs. I'm not a big fan of cheese and I didn't want to spent $25 on tiny prosciuttos and crackers so we skipped the food and bought a pizza on our way home. I wasn't expecting it to be a Foodshow level but thought some sort of finger food would be present.

I was also annoyed about the lack of information they provided before the event. There wasn't any kind of information about wine nor food vendors and how the tastings will work. Nothing much was on their website as well as on all other event sites. It just seemed that the event wasn't organised well.

Wines we tried were nice and intriguing, but were on the expensive side. It was either $2 or $4 for tastings. I would've been gutted if I actually paid for the entry fee of $39 pp. Maybe this event is for a upper-class people who appreciates high end wines...

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