8 June 2014

Fish, City

A special occasion is always a great excuse to go somewhere fancy. 

Fish was our pick and we were simply amazed by its view when we walked in. Located on the second floor of Hilton, it had the most wonderful view of the ocean. 

We started with Ciabatta w emulsified tomato oil and aged balsamic (8.5) as my partner was about to chew up his napkin due to hungriness. Breads were a touch solid but the dip was light and tasty despite looking very creamy. We both had the Express bento box (29) and started eating as soon as they arrived. Tempera prawns were lightly battered with crispy skin which was just heavenly. Mini burger was displayed so perfectly and tasted fantastic. Can't really comment on the main as I don't eat Salmon but my partner enjoyed it with the accompanying mashed potato. I was a bit sad as I didn't know the portion of Salmon would be this big :(

Ah my God and the dessert… Chocolate mouse was layered on top of vanilla ice cream with pistachio chocolate wafers. This just melted in my mouth. What a nice way to finish lunch with.

Well planned set menu and a great sea view.

Photobomb of the waiter :p

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