7 May 2014

Tom Tom Bar & Eatery, Freemans Bay

Yes I am guilty of abandoning my blog for some time. However it is because I was away on a holiday in Bali. I had a wonderful time while taking pictures of food there so hope to post them sometime too :) But really... I am quite behind on posting restaurants I've been in NZ.

We've actually been to Tom Tom in January which was quite some time ago.

Atmosphere was great, however, the food was literally the worst I have ever eaten in my life of 30 years. When I tasted the chicken main (25.50), it felt like I was punched in the head with its saltiness. Not only that, it was infused with an overload of herbs and as a result, we simply could not taste any chicken.

For the steak (29.50), chips were amazing but the inside if it looked very grey – not brown. I kept thinking this was because it may have been in the freezer for too long. It didn’t look appealing at all. The steak looked like it would hurt me if I swallowed it. It was off-putting and the taste wasn't really a steak as I remembered but thought it was way better than what they call "chicken".

$18 Midori cocktail didn't taste at all like it had Midori in it so we had to get them to make it again. Waitress didn't know the cocktails at all. We asked whether a particular one was sweet but she had no idea. She also didn't know or ever heard of an entertainment card. She had to go and ask questions or bring someone every time, which showed that she was not well trained - frustrating for us.


 Everything else really.

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