7 May 2014

Industry Zen, City

(Yes I am writing two reviews today to catch up!)

Everywhere was packed on Saturday night but we were very lucky to reserve a bar seat at Industry Zen. The place is decorated with a lot of Japanese-styled elements which was interesting to look at.

We started with Takoyaki (6) which was just your usual Takoyaki from anywhere else. Zen's original Karage chicken (9) wasn't cooked enough so we had to send it back. It came back in a great condition though - well cooked, perfectly displayed with supporting sides such as pumpkin, cucumber and a slice of mushroom. What a great value for money. California wraps (9) were just average, possibly because it was so much better last time I tried it here. Udon (13) was superb with its simpleness. This was accompanied by tempura seaweed, spring onion and Japanese chili powder. It was glad to see the standard of this udon hasn't changed! Soup was hot and seasoned just right and the udon noodle had nice chewy bites.

The place was packed hence the wait, which wasn't a nice thing when it is doing a tapas style. A dish came after a dish with a 20 minute intervals. Sadly we weren't sure if we had dinner or not after the whole meal. However, all dishes were wonderfully presented with chef's thought of designing each dish. Industry Zen could be a must place to go when you want to impress someone.

Presentation of each dishes were superb.
The wait. Hmmmm....

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