28 May 2014

Cafe Melba, City

Like many others, we were trying to use up our entertainment vouchers before they expire. Cafe Melba was near us at the time, so we decided to try this place for the first time. 

It was quite busy as they have sold coupons online too. My choice was the Moroccan spicy chicken burger (19.5) which did not have any sort of Moroccan seasoning to it. The chicken was so stuffy that I could not cut with my knife. I asked for a better knife but the second one didn't work as well. I gave up… The whole thing was quite plain I thought - I can make a better one myself.

My partner had the Melba Grill (19.5), which was equivalent to a big breakfast. This was quite average too. Maybe because I'm not a big fan of traditional breakfast style.

Coffee was okay but we were feeling very hot because of the heater on top of us. The waitress said that they cannot turn it off as it was controlling the whole cafe. Yep, we walked out all sweaty which wasn't a great feeling on Saturday noon.

Food, atmosphere & temperature

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