19 May 2014

Baduzzi, City

That night, I thought I finally came to heaven. A heaven of dessert. Baduzzi's tiramisu (15) was so shockingly good that I forgot about all other dishes we had here. Custard and ladyfingers were wrapped in a perfectly round crispy biscuits. What's more, this was topped up with the most delicious chocolate meringues which were light and crunchy. Jesus.

Rest of the food was rather disappointing. Tortelloni w scampi & scallops (9 each) were too fishy, Clam linguini (18) was overcooked and a touch mushy. Crayfish meatballs (18) were the best out of the three but all these dishes were too salty to my liking. I wished we had ordered bread or something to balance up the saltiness. The price is on the high side as all portions were tiny except for the Tiramisu.

Mains were not up to my expectation.

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