16 March 2014

Xuxu, City central

So I had a plan to visit Xuxu and went online to check their menu. This is what I do sometimes to get pre-excited before I visit restaurants. Jesus. I could not read their menu. They have used Arabic serif font in a 6 pt size. Okay, not a great start. I will just have to read it there.

When I arrived, it was totally different to what I thought it would be like. Tiny but cozy atmosphere was extended to its front yard where we settled. We started with some cocktails which included Xuxulicious (18) which were all amazing (thankfully they used a readable font on their actual menu). These cocktails were designed to my liking of being sweet and fruity. The last cocktail left me a bit confused as the mix of Jack Daniel and watermelon had two dominant flavours. Plus I could not sip through the roughly grinded watermelon with my tiny straw. Bummer.

We ordered small dishes such as Chili & ginger fish skewers (12) and the waitress asked us if we wanted to order an extra skewer as the dish only has 3 on it. How nice. The fish was soft and full of flavours. We moved onto the Shrimp dumplings (10) which was quite unique. The skin was rubbery rather than floury, but soft in the mouth. There was crisply sprinkle of some sort which added enjoyment to the dish too.

Our last choice wasn't as nice as the other two. Beef & apple on shrimp rice crackers were very hard to eat and I didn't find anything interesting there. Ginger flavour was too strong which made others a bit tasteless.

 atmosphere, service, cocktails!
The beef dish.


  1. Love alcohol and dislike food..... I'm sure there is a term for this...

  2. hahaha Peter you are funny.

  3. I thought we share the same term.