19 March 2014

The Paddington, Parnell

Wow! It is amazing and wonderful to be noticed by people and companies with my blog. In addition to this, I was invited to a Zomoto Foodie Meetup last week at Paddington.

Light was dim and there were TVs everywhere, however it wasn’t noisy like other sports bars. Tables were clean and nothing smelt bad which was a plus. The huge space was divided into different sections and rooms to accommodate small and big events. I never heard of this place before so it was a great surprise (Perhaps could use the word “pleasure” instead of surprise but up to you.) to find that their food was above bar food level. Paddington had prepared food for us to showcase their menu which we really appreciated.

Wonton and chicken pizza was average. However I did not believe it when I saw their seafood chowder. Chowder with a proper bread bowl? The shape of the bread was lovely – crispy lid and chowder full of wonderful seafood! It wasn’t too creamy so I enjoyed it very much. The beef skewers were tender and seasoned just right. The pork burger was delicious with Japanese mayo, cabbage and apple.
But the best surprise of the night was the Guiness & Baileys cheesecake. It was like crazy delicious. Caramel-like Guiness flavoured cheese top was soft which contrasted with the crispy and cookie-like base. My oh my. (It’s a shame that this dessert is only available on functions menu though)

I decided to revisit Paddington a week after this event. It was Tuesday night so the quiz night was on - we did anticipate that there would be some delay but sadly they mixed up our order which meant that the food was served even later than we had expected. Two dishes came first then the remaining two came after about 10 minutes which was a bit awkward.

I have a thing about trying new things instead of sticking to the best dish I had. So four of us ordered new things which turned out to be… not the best option. Market fish (23) was teamed instead of fried which gave a soft texture but not to how I like it. The potato that came with the dish didn’t compliment the fish well, however parsley cream sauce was lovely. My Prawn and calamari salad (18.5) was interesting as it had sun-dried tomato in it, but had no wow factor. Spinach cannelloni was delicious as we only took a bite of it but it was too creamy for my friend. Fish & Chips (23) was the best out of these four as it tasted wonderful with generous servings of chips, peas, salad and tartare sauce. What a value for money that was!

 I will stick to bar food from now on…?

I think my expectations were slightly high for the proper main dishes.

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