27 March 2014

Good One, Ponsonby

It was a big surprise to see the renovated interior of Good One. Space became huge and the interior with yellow highlights looked very sophisticated.

They now have Little and Friday food which was another plus point. I ordered Chicken and leek pie (11.5) and despite its hefty price, it tasted wonderful. Best pie that I had for a long time. I came back a week after and tried Mince & cheese pie too, but it wasn't as nice as the chicken one. Others also enjoyed their Fritata (10.5) and Chorizo tart (11.5). Of course I wasn't gonna go anywhere without trying their famous cream donut (4.5?). What a heaven it was. What could've been a heavy cream was perfectly balanced with jam.

Small details around this cafe were quite an enjoyment to find out. You have an option of Sparkling and still water which were both perfectly cold. The wooden tray which the food came in was lovely. All of our order came with chutney - great gesture but I liked the pie without it.

 Chicken pie is a must try! Great outfit with fantastic attention to details.
Coffee was little bitter for me.

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