2 March 2014

Bedford Soda & Liqour, Ponsonby

I was dying to try out this place and was gutted to find out that they were closed for maintenance on the day we went. The guy on site blamed me saying it is our fault for not checking it first. Thought that was a bit interesting. Anyway, after a week, we were finally there.

Bedford is located on the side of Ponsonby central and we were sitting outside to enjoy the sun and wind. Tick menu was given to us with marker pens - creative and fun! The menu was designed so that you can mix and match different meats and sauces.

It doesn't say on the menu but Bedford Sub (8) has two meatballs in it, however I chose two sliders (5 each) instead so that I can try two different meat flavours and sauces. Sliders came with cute small sesame buns - but beware, they are really small. My Spicy beef, bacon and cheese (special of the day) was delicious. Gravy was little too sweet and watery however. Chicken with spicy tomato was interesting - I could taste chili in the sauce. Yum. We also ordered fries (6) to fill us up and they were thin and crispy. We regretted not getting a salad as it would've been nice to have some greens with the meatballs.

 Atmosphere was great and loved cold sparkling water they serve!

Guess sauces and service could stretch further?

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