3 February 2014

Tin Soldier, Ponsonby

If you need some quietness and great atmosphere to talk, this is the place. The interior is soft with dim lights, clean and modern. I've been here for a few times so will tell you how they were.

You are served with complementary brown bread rolls with olive oil when you dine which is pretty nice for a restaurant.

Soldier Boy Jammers ($16), seemed to be their signature plate, was slightly average with just minimal filings. I think I still love the Monsoon Poon one the best.

We also had fish pie, fried chicken and the duck which was all just okay. The display/presentation of these dishes were wonderful though especially the fish pie - they looked so adorable with little mashed potato swirls, we didn't want to ruin it! However, we couldn't taste any fish, only potato...

I have noticed that their menu changed since I last visited but have attached photos to show how they were :p

It is so nice to have a place on Ponsonby road where you can have a conversation without shouting at each other. Tin Soldier lets you do that as they have a bar area separated with a restaurant side. Service was good and you can enjoy yourself if you go there for just a few drinks like we did last week. Hand-cut chunky fries ($9) were really good with crispy skin and soft insides - so good they were gone before we knew it!

 Loved ♥ Clean and neat fitting with a bit of quietness in the restaurant area.

 Unloved  Most of the food was just average despite their wonderful presentation.

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