24 February 2014

Miss Clawdy, North Wharf

When we first came here, we weren't pleased about the service. The waitress kept pressuring us to order by very continuously coming to us and asking "is there anything else you want"? despite the fact that we were there after dinner time. We ordered southern fried jerk chicken (14) and 500ml jugs of wild berry iced tea, cherry lemonade and Miss Clawdy's punch (all 25). Chicken was average and cocktails tasted very alcoholic. Maybe because we weren't impressed with the waitress coming to us every 10 minutes asking what we want to order.

Despite the average initial experience, I went back as I was tempted to try their food. This time, I was greeted and serviced by a wonderful waiter. He came back and asked how the beer he recommended was as well as giving us space to talk, drink and eat. It is funny how one person can simply change your dining experience. 

Pop-corn shrimp Po'boy (11), a little sandwich, was made in a simple way with just shredded iceberg and mandarin mayo but it was amazing. Crunchy prawns touched my taste buds like no other prawn. Crazy. My companion had Pork ribs (13.5) which he really enjoyed, but it was a touch too salty and chewy for me. Grilled fish taco (6) was succulent and delicious  but the Pulled pork taco (6) was very wet and dribbly. Snapper cockles broth (19.5) was interesting with tomato and chardonnay flavour but I wouldn't get it again at this price.

For dessert, we opted for Dark chocolate cookie ice cream sandwich (10) which was gorgeously presented. Cookie was soft but dense so we had to give up half way. Chocolate milk it came with was a lovely idea, however I could only taste cinnamon.

How they have small plates at a reasonable cost so that you can order various dishes to share amongst friends.

 Service may differ.

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