9 February 2014

Libertine, Freemans Bay

Our friends were running late so we started a drink at the courtyard of Libertine. The sun was shining and the terrace was fantastic to have a few drinks.

The inside decor was wonderful too - high ceilings and brick walls give a traditional feeling while still being modern.

We started with Crusted calamari (12.5) and Chilli & garlic rubbed prawns (16.5). Prawn was just plain but the calamari was thin and crispy accompanied by jalapeno chilli sauce which was delicious.

Both mains were less memorable though. Beef churrasco (27) had various meats on it but they were very chewy and tiny. Half rotisserie duck had a generous amount of veges which did not match well to the duck. We were looking forward to their Spiced fries (7.5) but were soon disappointed. Soggy chips are a big NO-NO to chips lovers. 

Dulce de leche pudding w peanut brittle and fig ice cream (12.5) won the dish of the day. Caramelised milk pudding went very well with the peanut flavour as well as the light flavoured ice cream. However Churros (12.5) was a touch too doughy and the fudge sauce was watery and tasteless.

I think this place would be perfect to have drinks with various small plates rather than a proper dinner.

 Loved ♥ Service, atmosphere and small plates!

 Unloved  Mains were not up to the standard - maybe because this place is meant to be a bar?

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