27 January 2014

Vivace, City

We were craving for pizza & pasta and we went to Vivace as we enjoyed our last dining here. We had to send our coke back as it did not have any fizz in it. The waiter was very sorry and we were served with a perfect one immediately. Rigatoni w roast chicken ($28) tasted amazing with just extra olive oil for sauce. Simple and delicate. Toasted breadcrumbs were an interesting addition to this pasta which we really enjoyed. However Classic pepparoni ($20) was a bit of a disaster. The dough was very dry and hard that we nearly broke our dish while cutting it to pieces. We remembered that we had the same pizza last time when we were here which was a shame. Spaghetti w chilli & lime marinated prawns ($28) were gorgeous too. Just the right amount of chilli and prawns were served along with tangy and full flavours. Maybe just stick to pastas?

 Loved ♥ Service was great. We didn't have to shout or wave to get waiter's attention.

 Unloved  Hard pizza. What's with this hardness of food these days? :p

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