29 January 2014

The Rub, Newmarket

My blog is all about what I love so I decided to post other reviews of my findings and loving too! Little more insights of Katie's everyday life I mean. Fingers crossed that these will be interesting and helpful to those of you who are curious :p

First time I've been to The Rub, it was fantastic. Foot massage was lovely and relaxing. Second time was a little disappointing. My massage was not satisfying - there was less effort in each stroke and push. I think the effort and grace differentiates the great and just okay massages. Further, my masseuse kept getting disrupted as she had to attend new customers (there may have been a shortage of staff that day). However when I emailed the place with my experience, the owner apologized and asked me to come for a complimentary massage which was very understanding. Not all of business acknowledge their issue and try to rectify it.

When I went back today, it was amazing. My Shoulder, Neck & Back massage was so good I nearly dribbled. The masseuse was caring and considerate - every touch was carefully designed for my muscles to relax. 

The atmosphere was very clean and calming as it is quite a new place. We were served with sparkling water before and after the massage which showed us that they care about your hydration. I will definitely come back for more...

 Loved ♥ Massage and service was great. 

 Unloved  Massage beds are only divided with curtains so you can kinda hear your next door neighbour.

The Rub
09 524 9040
Ground Floor, Rialto Centre, 153 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland
Everyday, 9am – 7.30pm

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  1. There's no better deal than a complimentary massage! And it was nice that they really know how to take care of their patrons. A massage has to be soothing and relaxing; if there are any disruptions or sharp pain involved, it deviates from that standard. As for curtains, they are not a standard, though a lot of establishments use them Perhaps spacing them out could solve the noise problem. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Hannah Holland @ Berkeley Community Acupuncture