21 January 2014

Federal Delicatessen, City

Two girls from Zomato (food bloggers' website) wanted to have dinner with me for a wee chat. I was really excited to talk to an audience of mine!

We decided to go to The Feds as it's a new trending place that I haven't been before. We started with a Smoked Kahawai cake ($14) which was a great surprise. Crispy outside but tender inside with big chunks of Kahawai. For mains, NY strip steak ($25) was an okay dish compared to its high price but I did enjoy the salad it came with. 

They have a really good system with salads and desserts. A "3-Way combo" ($21 for salads and $18 for desserts) lets you choose 3 small dishes to try out. Salads were average but desserts... My oh my... NZ cheesecake was a bit thick and Choc pie was a so-so, however the Banana & Toffee pie was simply heavenly with crispy caramel popcorn as topping. The flavours went so well together and you can taste and chew real banana through the softest cream. The place was completely packed and it was only Monday. So remember to get in early!

 Loved ♥ I will not be able to have a banoffee pie somewhere else other than The feds now...

 Unloved  Wish we had a separate cup for the gravy with fries ($9 small) as they get soggy :(


  1. Poutine - fries and gravy totally pulled me in, I was still enjoying them long after teh fries turned into mash potato with gravy !

    1. Yes I loved the gravy too! I'm just a fan of crispy skin :p

  2. That dessert platter looks tantalising! I must go try the toffee one.

    1. Yes we must go next time for the banoffee!!