9 January 2014

Occidental Bar, City

It was a long time ago since I last dined here so I was looking forward to enjoy nice Belgian beer. Half kilo steamed mussels ($18.5), Chicken croquette ($14.9) and Belgian sausages ($21.50) came at the same time. Wow, it was a lot for two mains and an entree. Sausages were tender, onion gravy was little runny but tasty, croquettes were crispy but soft inside. All food went well with our Belgian beers. Although Occidental is famous for their mussels which I am not a fan of, but this place is worth going for their other dishes and lovely beers.

 Loved ♥ Generous servings which made us full to our neck.

 Unloved  Sticky tables and sticky menu...


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  2. Hey Yatchi, thanks for the comment. It was great meeting you :)