16 December 2013

Prego, Ponsonby

I have to admit that I have been very lazy. It's getting closer to the holidays and it's so hard to do "something". I promised myself to put new post up at least once a week but I just couldn't get my ass onto it. But today was a day to blog about!

My supplier was shouting our company for lunch so we suggested Prego, our old time favorite.
We started with the Garlic pizza bread ($7) which was the best pizza bread that I had! Crispy but soft inside. I had a Seafood marinara ($29) which I hoped it to be chili, but I had to add a bit of salt to bring out the flavour. My colleague seemed to enjoy her Vegetarian pizza ($25) though. We had Tiramisu, Valrhona caramel chocolate marquise and Sticky date pudding (all $14) which we all were happy about. I have to say the service was flawless. Empty glasses were filled, dishes were removed without us noticing it, kitchen being flexible with special requests (yes I changed a ginger ice cream to a vanilla one)... there is a reason why this place is always packed.

 Loved ♥ Fantastic outdoor seating, spotless service, gorgeous desserts... shall I go on?

 Unloved  Main was just a bit under my expectation - maybe this was set too high from the start.


  1. That pasta looks nice.

  2. the pictures of this place are amazing, lovely lively colours!

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