19 November 2013

Jax wine & Tapas bar, Newmarket

It was about time to have some great Tapas. I've been to Jax before and had an wonderful experience. I've bought a voucher from here for two glasses of wines and five tapas. Feeling hungry, me and my partner ordered prawn, pork belly, steak, calamari & chorizo and chicken roulade ($10-13 each). Pork belly was the standout as it was beautifully cooked with its cracklings on top. Apple sauce and potatoes went very well with the meat. Other dishes were just on a so-so level and the quantity seemed to be so small. We received all these five tapas on two long dishes. Worth a visit with a voucher but without it...? Maybe only for posh Remuera people.

 Loved ♥ Service was fast and kind.

 Unloved  Was expecting more for five tapas - it was really like three.

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