15 October 2013

The Blue Breeze Inn, Ponsonby

I was so excited to finally visit this new posh place in Ponsonby. It was packed with people when we arrived, but luckily we got a table outside. We ordered Pork and prawn Shumai ($8), Pork belly bun ($8) and a Spicy hot pot of beef shin ($30). Boy it was expensive! $8 for a small bun with a piece of cucumber and pork belly? Although the skin was crispy and refreshing, I wouldn't pay this much for it. Other foods were just so so and I am not sure if I want to try others... Maybe I am better off with cheap & delicious chinese Yum cha.

 Loved ♥ Service and the mood was fantastic. Little cold on outside seats though.

 Unloved  Price was way too high compared to the quality of the whole package.

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