23 October 2013

Mandarin restaurant, City

Finally I was at the newest restaurant in town! I was a bit worried after my experience at a Chinese fusion earlier this month but it is always exciting to try somewhere new. We had pork, beef and prawn dumplings ($6-8) which was just average with tiny four on a dish. We tried small sharing plates of Vermicelli salad ($12), Skewed lamb ($16) and Chicken salad ($16). Despite the hungriness we did not want to order same ones again. Market fish ($26) was intriguing with its curled shape and pure white colour - nothing like a Chinese place with its eyes and fins popping out. More sauce/spice would've been fantastic though. We left feeling hungry and decided to go somewhere else.

 Loved ♥ Service and interior was fabulous, not like any other Chinese restaurant.

 Unloved  Little bland on most of the dishes. Should've took my chili oil?

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