17 October 2013

Bellota, City

I stopped going to Bellota after my favorite dish of Prawn and risotto disappeared. However a friend wanted to go for a Shangria and there we were, as Bellota makes the best red wine Shangria - not too sweet and not too heavy.
There were some new dishes which caught our eyes. Black rice w squid & prawn ($13) reminded me of the old dish so we ordered it to try. Way too salty. Garlic Prawn ($13) and Dessert platter ($10.5) tasted average nor impressive while rest of the dishes were fantastic. Gratin of Piquillo w fish & prawns ($14) was delicious, Cassava chips ($8) were bulky and crispy, Calamari ($11) tasted like heaven.. You may have noticed that there are too many dishes mentioned here. Yes, I went twice in a week to try out the menu... Yes this is very unlike me but I am not regretting it as I know what I will have next time!

 Loved ♥ Atmosphere with dim lights and booth seatings - love it.

 Unloved  Stay away from the black rice with prawn and squid!

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