15 August 2013

Thyme Restaurant, Takapuna

Gosh I haven't been writing post for a long time. This demotivation is killing me lately. I'm having a hard time being enthusiastic about anything. Hopefully time will pass.

I haven't had a fine dining for a long time so I've decided to motivate myself by going to Thyme Restaurant. I have enjoyed this restaurant from when it was called "The Dining Room" so hoped everything stayed the same.

The place was nicely lit with a lovely sound of piano being played at a corner. My friend and I started to feel good. I had the Duo of Angus Beef ($36), which had Angus fillet and double cooked short rib. The fillet was wonderful with soft creamy mash and sautéed Spinach. Deep fried onion ring was simply amazing with the fillet. Wasn't too sure about the short rib as it did not have enough presence - touch too chewy and salty for me.

My friend ordered Yoghurt and Herb rubbed Wairoa Chicken Breast ($29.5) but was slightly disappointed as it did not have all the flavours. It was salty and none of the yoghurt and herb flavours came through. Accompanied pumpkin mousse did not complete the dish I guess.

I was astonished by the cocktail though - This Caipirinha (The classic Brazilian cocktail made with Cachaca, fresh lime juice and sugar served over crushed ice $16) one was amazing with just enough sweet and fresh flavour. I had to stop myself from getting another glass! It was a wonderful evening which made me feel a little better :)


  1. Guys, I know this girl. She is a brutal reviewer. So if she says something is good, it is good.

  2. Thanks Gil :) How nice of you to leave a comment like that.