6 July 2013

The Lumsden, Newmarket

After a great massage from Hadtawach, friend and I went to The Lumsden for a pizza. It was a cozy bar which has comfy chairs and even a pool table at the side.

We ordered a Cajun Chicken Pizza ($23) and a Bacon and Sour cream Wedges ($14) which were plenty for two of us.

Pizza was pretty nice with a bit of chilli flavour. Caramelised onion and sweet chilli sauce was a bit of a too sweet combination though. Will love to try their Pecking Duck one next time! Refreshing!

Wedges were okay - I don't really like it when bacon bits are stuck together which stops them from being crispy.

They have a fantastic beer selection including many craft beer. It's great that they give you a sample glass to try so that you know exactly what you are getting. I had a nice dark beer from Hallertau Brewery. Pizza and a beer - what a lovely combination!

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