11 July 2013

Mozaik, Victoria Park

I'm going to be honest and tell you something. I am actually a voucher mania. I carry a separate coupon/loyalty card wallet in my bag. I start my day looking at voucher deals in my email. But it's not a bad thing, right? Everyone deserves a good deal and I'd hate to miss any.

Mind you though, there is a catch. Sometimes too many vouchers gets sold and the restaurant does not know how to cope with it. So there we were, standing to be served for 15 minutes even with my booking. So yes, when we were seated I was not in a good mood.

I have enjoyed Mozaik in Parnell and thought "What could possibly go so wrong in a different branch?" Well, the place was packed and the staff were not trained properly to deal with the overload. Sigh.

We ordered Steak with mushroom, Calamari, wedges and Cajun chicken sandwich. Jesus, are these fries cooked? It seemed too yellow/rare for me. Steak was tiny and average. Calamari was a dish simply dipped into a sweet chilli sauce. Cajun chicken, actually pretty good. Generous amount too. After a while, the restaurant got quiet and the staff became calm and helpful. I think I will just visit Parnell one next time. I much enjoy the atmosphere and the interior there with cozy sofas and soft lights. Also a better food too.

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