14 July 2013

Barilla Dumplings, Balmoral

I was longing for dumpling for sometime so when my friend asked me to go to Chinese with him, I didn't hesitate to say yes. We initially planned to go to New Flavour as it was my favourite dumpling place but the restaurant was packed with people lining up outside. We were not the patient kind so we decided to try a new place, Barilla. It had some good reviews so we were hoping to have a great experience. We ordered prawn and pork dumpling ($14) which came with prawn tail inside. Are you kidding me? The dumplings were really big and far from being crispy. Some were burnt. The other dish was slightly better - Spicy chicken with veges were okay but plain. Maybe we didn't order the right food. We saw some people ordering fried french beans and they looked yum! Ah well, there is always a next time. Also, what is up with the service here? Lower your expectations...

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