11 June 2013

Vaniye, Parnell

I was so stressed today. Difficult client meeting, things not going well, having no motivations... I really felt like a caramel cake from Vaniye (my favorite!).

There is a reason I keep going back to them despite the price, which is $8-9 per mini cakes. They are simply gorgeous. The cakes are carefully designed to visually appeal to everyone. My friend really liked the Zen, a green tea flavoured mousse with red bean paste inside. I am not a big fan of green tea flavour but this was amazing. My Caramel cake, called Chou-chou now, has chestnut cream profiteroles on top (which is crisply and creamy) and a brownie and caramel mousse as a base.
I have also tried their Guanaja, which is a Valrhona chocolate marquise which had a great soft chocolate taste. But it lacked of a crème brulée flavour mentioned on its description. I felt that the Rasberry mousse, apple slice and lemon slice does not jump out as much as others. But that could be just me.

So all these happy yummy thoughts made me feel better. I think I may need to visit them in the morning :)

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