30 June 2013

Coco, Royal Oak

There was a nice review of this restaurant on Viva (NZ Herald) so I was very curious about this place. Therefore I did not hesitate to buy the 6-course degustation voucher when it appeared. The restaurant was nicely lit with candles on tables, however chilly wind gushed through every time people walk in or out of the restaurant as tables were set in one room with a big glass door.

The first course was seared squid with pine nut. The brown squid was a touch too fishy and I don't think nut went well with the squid. Disappointed, but we were expecting to be surprised.

Next came chicken with red curry. Chicken was very tender and the salad on its side were refreshing and tasted clean. Nothing spectacular yet though.

The third course was pork belly with prawn accompanied by green bean. This was the moment I started to doubt about the restaurant. I could've cooked the pork belly tastier myself. It was too soft, had little flavours, and the prawn tasted awful with the green bean sauce. The last main, duck breast, was the best dish that we had that night despite the fact that it was pretty plain. Never mind, we thought. Let's wait for the dessert. Surely, you won't disappoint us any more. We were wrong.

Panna cotta with mango sorbet was quite good - an enjoyable dessert. However, the 2 dessert following this was simply terrible. It was displayed in a very artistic manner with lots of colours and features which looks attractive. When we tasted it, (I don't want to be mean but) it was like a cat's puke. Both Chocolate and this other dish that I forgot the name of, had too many things going on. There were freeze dried fruits and powders everywhere and some tasted bitter. Question marks consistently appeared on the table. I have never had a shocking dessert like this before. Simply, we could not eat it.

It's a shame that every dish is carefully designed but flavours weren't. It seems like the chef is only interested in how it looks rather than how it tastes. I had to apologise to my date that night, which was a first for me.

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