5 June 2013

C.A.C Bar, Mt Eden

Oh my God... Just realised that I haven't posted anything for ages. Keeping a blog is such a major job... You can't just abandon it and make it grow. Maybe I'm uninspired because I feel like no one is reading this. So if you are there, want to say hi? :p

Recently it was my birthday and I've decided to visit my old time favorite CAC. Great parking space, quiet upstairs, lovely atmosphere... Exactly what I needed on the night.

Although I enjoy their Grilled beef steak, I've generously asked my companions to choose from.

Squid & Couscous ($19) tasted succulent and fresh as always. I love this dish too! It's somewhat very refreshing and tastes healthy.

We've tried the Prawn ($19.9) for the first time but I wasn't impressed. What have they done to my lovely juicy prawn? The sauce was too overwhelming the taste of prawn. Display was a bit awful too. Not a dish I wanted to try again!

My friends have a love for eggplants but all we could taste for this Baked Eggplants ($14) was pesto.

We also ordered Risotto balls ($8) but nothing was special about it. In fact, the creamy cheesy dip did not go well with the balls at all. How disappointing.

Their dish seems a bit expensive to be a tapas but I do want to defend them - the amount is huge. And you woudln't regret ordering it at its price (if you order right things I mean).

I've learnt something though. Never trust your friends with food order!!!

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