1 May 2013

St Heliers Bay Cafe & Bistro, St Heliers

After my "bankruptcy" in Korea, I am in a "poor" status at the moment. My kind friend (who I brought may gifts from my trip :p) wanted to shout me at St Heliers Bay Cafe & Bistro. I've actually saw a review of the restaurant on Viva of Herald that day so I was very excited!

It was a Saturday night but we were there to avoid disappointments. The atmosphere was modern and simple.
We started with a Hearth Breads with seasalt & rosmary ($10) and a Wood fired baked clams, passata & sourdough($12). Generous amount and the clams were tasty with a tomato-based sauce. Price on everything seems to be reasonable here which was a plus.

I had the Char grilled flat iron steak, wilted spinach & creamed oyster mushrooms ($25). I've asked for a medium but this was more like well done-medium which was a bit shame. Everything matched to each other perfectly though. Mushrooms, spinach and the potato croquette...

My friend ordered fish of the day which was grilled snapper with salads. Salad tasted fantastic with lightly cooked capsicums, but fish was too bland. I guess our expectations were high. I didn't know exactly what those cubes were - maybe a cheese and potato croquettes? This didn't go well with the rest of the dish so my friend left them out.
We were super full but I had to try their dessert. Tiramisu ($9.5) is one of my favorite so I was really looking forward to this but... It was touch too creamy for me. I enjoy a light and puffy ones but the creamcheese here was very solid. There were only small portion of the sponge cake which made it harder to eat... Damn it, I should've gone for the rhubarb & custard crumble... Not to worry, there is always a next time. I would love to come back and try other dishes.

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