23 April 2013

Tosokchon Sam gye tang, Korea

Hi All!

I've been missing writing on my blog as I was away on a holiday. I went to Korea for a week and a half which was pretty short :( Fortunately for this though, I will show you some wonderful Korean food that I tried in the next few days.

The first place that my friend really really wanted to go was called "Tosokchon Sam gye tang", which means ginseng chicken soup. This boiled chicken in a broth of ginseng, jujubes, chestnuts, garlic and ginger with a stuffed rice is a famous Korean dish full of nutrients. Can you see the people lined up? We were lucky to be seated without a wait!

This was so yummy... Ingredients like sticky rice and chestnuts are perfectly cooked inside a chicken. The soup was just as amazing too. 

We also had this seafood green onion fritter which is one of my favorite. Fried with onion, squid, shrimp, zucchini... What a treat! I will miss this place a lot.


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  2. Wow Katie >O< Your blog is so amazing!!!
    When did you have time to do all this?*O*

    I want to taste every food you posted here especially Korean food t.t

    That sam gye tang looks so~ lovely :)
    I wish I could have that kind of food in Auckland as well t.t