1 April 2013

Mexico, Takapuna

After an intense game of table tennis (11 games in total), I finally won the dinner bet! Yey!! My (loser) friend asked me where I want to go for dinner and I said Mexico, one of my favorite place.

It was my first time to this Takapuna one where we sat outside with just the right amount of a breeze. Great start.

We ordered "Do it yourself guacamole" ($8), fried chicken ($12 my fav!), beef taco ($6), pork quesadillas ($12) and a carafe of frozen black plum Margarita ($25). I love their generous amount of servings especially the quesadillas - 8 pieces! Beef taco was crunchy and refreshing with pork cracklings and pineapple. I've tried the chicken and prawn but this is the best one by far. Guacamole was just a bit boring, but when we had it with the chicken, it became fabulous! Chicken by itself has always been wonderful... We saw another table ordering one but it was sold out. Wow, gotta be quick around here!

I'm not a big fan of Magarita but the fact that it comes in frozen, was pretty attractive after a hardcore sport battle. So I've asked for a sweet and fruity one and this was what the waiter recommended. Hmmm.... Not much plum flavor though.. Maybe I'll stick with the beer next time. Had a great time and will return again to try other things on the menu :)

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