2 April 2013

Herne Bay Local, Ponsonby

Some time ago, me and my Tuesday friends went to the Herne Bay Local. When I first went there last year, everything was nice. We had the bbq pork rib, tempra prawn and steak. All the new flavors came through and I decided to like this place and return.

The 2nd time I went, it was just so so. We had a steak again and fish but they weren't as good as before. But when the voucher deal came out for this restaurant, I said "let's give them another chance". We ordered the Chefs platter ($45) which had prawn & pork dumplings, calamares frittos, fish croquettes (was not edible) and teriyaki chicken skewers. Good amount of food to fulfil about 4 people but nothing really poped out. Everything was just an average taste. How disappointing...

I hate it when a great restaurant just falls apart after some time. It was time to say goodbye.

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