31 March 2013

Jimmy the Fish, Ponsonby Central

Last week was the Ponsonby Market day and I had a wonderful time there looking at stores, listening to music and of course tasting some wonderful food.

This Jimmy the Fish place was in a corner of Ponsonby central and it is a bit hard to find without a big sign. All the fish are displayed raw so I couldn't tell if this restaurant is going to be okay or not but me and my friend saw this pasta dish and said "We have to have that!!!"

The pasta was turned out to be called "Vongole" - with Clams, chilli, garlic and Spaghetti. A simple dish which was fantastic, especially at $10. My friend had a battered snapper ($9) and handcut chips ($6) which was a bit average for me.

Everything was perfect except for the wait. Maybe it was because of the Ponsonby Market but we waiting for about 20 minutes just staring at the counter along with several other people... I shall visit again and see if this wait is the norm...

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