30 March 2013

El Sizzling Chorizo, Ponsonby Central

Today I went to the Ponsonby Central, the latest high-end market which has fancy restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and etc. I have been to some of the restaurants around here as I work nearby, but it was my first time to this Argentinian BBQ place.

We had an mixed platter with pork belly, beef, chicken and lamb which was only $30! I don't usually like lamb but this was pretty nice. Beef was a bit too chewy, pork was average. Chicken was nice though, the char-grilled taste came through which was amazing. We ordered an extra bread but it looked like it was baked sometime ago - wasn't soft or chewy, just a but solid...

I liked how they present all these on a wooden tray instead of a dish. It looked fancy and interesting. However there were a bit much oil on the wooden dish which I tried to avoid by using just a corner of my tray... I guess I like to have meats at a fine dining rather than place like this but my friend really enjoyed here.

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